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In every group there is always one. That lovely rogue who captures everyone's heart and brings a sense of fun to all they do. Arnold, you are that special someone and, today, we honour your spirit and charm by making you our 9th Dog of Christmas and awarding you the Naughty But Nice award. ...

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Christmas is a time of reflection. Today we look back over the year and recognise those who have come so far these past twelve months. Daisy, you are an inspiration to all of us: you are the winner of "Most Improved Behaviour" 2016. ...

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Our 7th Dog of Christmas will surely make you drool. Most Dribbly is awarded to Elvis, the king of slobber. ...

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For the 6th Dog of Christmas our Class of 2016 gives to us, one of our veterans, Ollie aged 15. Always happy and so adored by us all. ...

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Who's the 5th Dog of Christmas? It's him, no me, no him, no me. Ok, I conceed, Sydney is indeed the Best Tugger of 2016. ...

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Mark, Gillian and their team have always been a source of guidance and security regarding George’s education and general care.
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