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Arnold has been enjoying lessons working on his off lead heel work. He can get distracted but with small amounts of his daily diet as a reward as well as some chest tickles he does really well! Arnold has also been working on " basket" which is the cue for Arnold to go to his bed / sleeping area. ...

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Zefra is continuing well with her gun dog training. James has been using the 'race' to help guide her as well as help improve her retrieving. She still has a way to go, but is slowing getting there!
She has also been around the animals on the farm and is not quite as advanced as her sister - but is making small advancements.

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Simba has come along so much in the last few days! She is focusing more on her handler and understanding what is expected of her. After a bit of encouragement she enjoyed swimming in the junction pool with Ollie a French bulldog.
Her behaviour around the other animals (ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, pigs and sheep) has improved a lot and she is becoming much calmer around them.

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As part of his daily training sessions, Arnold has started to meet all our other animals at the farm. including our ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, sheep and pigs.
He is very well behaved around the birds and finds the rabbits very interesting.
Our goal is for him to be calm and controllable around them, as well as rewarding him for looking at his handler when spotting the rabbits. This is all part of teaching the " leave it " cue.
He is not a natural water baby but has enjoyed his time learning how to swim, an important life skill that all dogs should be proficient at.

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Mark, Gillian and their team have always been a source of guidance and security regarding George’s education and general care.
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